Bankrupt Psystar offers new range of Mac clones

Despite filing for bankruptcy earlier this year Mac clone-maker Psystar is offering a new range of computers configurations with Mac OS X installed.

The copycat company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US in May, which many believed would signal the end of the long running legal battle between Psystar and Apple and effectively put the upstarts out of business.

Psystar howver is now offering the Open(7) starting at $1,499, a new addition to the so-called Open range of clones.

"The Open7 represents the future of Open Computing by introducing the new Intel Corei7 line of processors. With up to 40% more processing speed and up to 12 GB of memory the Open7 is capable of handling even the most demanding multimedia and gaming workloads," runs the Psystar promotional blurb.

"Featuring Leopard OS X the Open7 has enough configuration options to custom tailor this computer to meet your needs." Optimistically looking ahead, three year parts and support is also offered along with a wide range of configurations including adding Apple's iWork.

Bankrupt Psystar offers new range of Mac clones

Psystar first made news in April 2008, when it starting selling Mac clones with Apple's Leopard operating system preinstalled. Apple began the legal wrangling when it accused Psystar of copyright and software licensing violations, and Psystar struck back with a countersuit that charged Apple with, among other things, antitrust violations.

Despite filing for bankruptcy, Apple will meet Psystar in court again, after a Florida judge lifted the stay last month allowing legal proceedings to still go ahead.

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