Radiopaq enhances audio quality with iPod Sound Jacket

Radiopaq, best known for the Internet radio search engine, has announced a new addition to the Intelligent Audio product range with the launch of the Sound Jacket.

Designed for the 4th generation iPod nano, the Sound Jacket aims to significantly improve the audio quality of MP3 music tracks played on your iPod.

Due to compression, MP3 files can sound flat or distorted. The Sound Jacket counteracts this by dynamically enhancing the audible performance improving sound quality by up to 60 per cent insists Radiopaq.

The Sound Jacket offers a slim and lightweight design that comes with a built in micro amp and doesn’t require any charging itself, receiving its power direct from the iPod.

The Radiopaq Sound Jacket costs 69.99 including VAT and is available from Amazon and

Radiopaq enhances audio quality with iPod Sound Jacket

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