MatrixStore 2.1 - hardcore video archiving for pros

ObjectMatrix has introduced MatrixStore 2.1, production grade software for use with Final Cut Server.

MatrixStore is software that turns low-cost disks (Promise VTrack, Xserve RAID etc.) into a safe place to store your digital assets. It is a secure store to archive all your digital creations for as long as you want to keep them. It puts all your archived assets onto your network, available to search and use instantly.

MatrixStore is built on a cluster of Apple’s server and storage arrays. A MatrixStore license costs $1000 per Terabyte, but MatrixStore 2.1 is available now for download and ships with a free 15TB software license.

The combination of Final Cut Server andMatrixStore make it possible and affordable to have all an organisations video assetsavailable on the network and retrievable via a Final Cut Server metadata search.

The software can manage a failure of a complete storage array while keeping your assets available for you to search and use. If hardware fails MatrixStore automatically re-protects all assets affected, putting a copy of them onto another independent piece of hardware in the system, it can also be set-up to replicate assets to another off-site facility.

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