Apple UK offers £15 MobileMe rebate

Apple UK is quietly offering a special promotional price on MobileMe subscriptions.

The company is offering a year's subscription to the online service at a 15 discount on the normal price, the discount is available as a rebate.

Apple says: "With MobileMe, keep your iPhone, Mac, iPod touch, and even your PC in perfect sync. Purchase an Apple computer and MobileMe or .Mac between 22 July and 20 October, 2008, and receive a 15 rebate."

Speculation says the company may either have planned to offer the discount in order to sell the service to new iPhone owners, but it's pretty clear recent problems affecting existing users of the service also predicate a discount in order to stimulate any sales of the product.

While .Mac was seen as over-priced and limited, the ill-starred launch of MobileMe is presently raising insecurity as to the service's reliability.

More information on the Apple rebate is available online.

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