PC Tools launch iAntiVirus beta

Security software vendor, PC Tools, today introduces a Mac beta of its anti-virus and anti-spyware tool, iAntiVirus.

The software promises real-time protection and comprehensive system scanning to detect and remove Mac specific threats. The release follows Apple’s recent advice to users to insall and use anti-virus software, advice contained in Apple's recently-published Security Configuration Guide.

iAntiVirus will detect and remove Mac specific and socially engineered threats, its database doesn't contain unnecessary information about Windows-based threats. The software costs $29.95, though a free beta trial version is currently available.

“Despite the misconception that the Mac OS is inherently secure, internal research has signalled a change in the number of threats targeting this platform. PC Tools recognize that while the Mac platform is relatively safe, it is not impervious to malware,” said Simon Clausen, PC Tools CEO. Research conducted in the first quarter of 2008 found that 95 per cent of all Mac malware threats identified were OS X related, of which 38 per cent were keyloggers, 30 per cent were hacking tools, 11 per cent were backdoors, while just 2 per cent were viruses

“The Mac has a solid reputation for remaining relatively threat free. However, we are witnessing the use of low level malware scripts, to identify whether there is the potential to infect the Mac OS, as well as the opportunity for malware producers to obtain a significant return on investment” said Clausen. “We are encouraging Mac users to become more vigilant about security, particularly given the widespread propagation of socially engineered threats affecting most operating systems” he added.

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