Google Calendar gains iCal CalDav support

Google has introduced support for iCal within its online Google Calendar service.

In order to achieve the support, Google has implemented some support for CalDAV, an open protocol that allows calendar access via WebDAV. The support means users will be able to view and edit Google Calendar events directly in iCal. While other calendar applications support CalDAV (including Mozilla Sunbird), Google Calendar only supports CalDAV using iCal.

Any changes made in iCal will automatically appear in Google Calendar the next time you sign in (and vice versa). If you use iCal while offline, changes you make will be saved and updated in Google Calendar when you get back online.

CalDAV models calendar events as HTTP resources in iCalendar format, and models calendars containing events as WebDAV collections. This allows you to publish and subscribe to calendars, share them collaboratively, sync between multiple users and sync between multiple devices.

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