Cover Stream 2.2 is available now's Cover Stream 2.2 is available now, offering a range of significant new additions to the iTunes companion software.

Cover Stream 2.2 is an iTunes controller that extends iTunes Cover Flow to the desktop. The new version adds Jukebox mode, mouseover desktop controls, integrated lyrics support, a launcher and options to customize application behaviour and appearance.

Developed exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Cover Stream extends iTunes Cover Flow to the desktop, giving users a quick and convenient way to control, browse and search their music library - without switching applications or interrupting their work flow.

Key features include playlist filtering, keyword searches, an integrated songs browser, scrobbling, full screen mode with Apple Remote control, a status bar menu, global, fully customizable hotkeys, Apple-flavored bezels and Desktop Artwork.

"We are really thrilled by this update and think our customers will be too", says Fabian Kowalski, product manager and developer at "It adds many new exciting features and improvements, some of them frequently requested by our customers."

More information about the software, which costs €14.95, and a demo version, is available here.

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