New model iPod touch, iPod nano loom

Apple plans a major upgrade to its iPod touch range, with its in-development iPhone Software 2.1 software containing a reference to a new model of the device, a report claims.

In recent years, Apple has chosen to revise its iPod range in August or September. At present in the US it is offering free iPod touch players to students buying a Mac at the same time. This has raised some observers to suggest the move to be a way to shift stocks of the device, which now seems expensive when compared to the price of an iPhone.

MacRumors predicts the device may see maximum capacity jump to 64GB, and also suggests the iPod touch may gain GPS features.

These reports follow last week's revelation by 9to5Mac that the company is also putting together a major upgrade to its iPod nano range, offering higher capacity, much improved audio and a new and advanced multi-colour case.

Seems there's more improvements planned - the new nano will have a much larger screen, iLounge reckons.

"To fit the screen and Click Wheel neatly together, the new nano will adopt a form factor that shifts away from the almost square dimensions of the 2007 third-generation nano back towards the general shape of the first- and second-generation models," the report explains.

iPhone Software 2.1 has also been rumoured to implement turn-by-turn directions in Google Maps using the iPhone GPS and a new (much requested) copy-&-paste function.

One iPod model few rumours have revealed much about is the iPod Classic.

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